The College of William and Mary, as with any other public or private entity, cannot guarantee a crime free environment. Accordingly, it is the responsibility of members of the community to act in a security conscious manner to avoid actions which jeopardize their security as well as the security of others.

Download our Youth Security Flyer (pdf).

Security Tips!
  • Review campus security and fire safety info
  • Notify Conference Services of any special requests regarding security
  • Security presentations are available with William and Mary Police
  • Ask guests to leave valuable items, such as iPods, cameras, jewelry, etc., at home. If guests must bring them, it is encouraged that they know the model and serial number for identification  purposes
  • Provide a camp bank for youth attendees
  • Set a camp curfew
  • Never leave book bags, purses or other valuable items unattended or out in the open. Always place them in a secure location
  • Never leave youth unattended in residence halls, athletic fields, etc
  • Never allow anyone into the residence hall that is not with your group
  • Authorized staff will have visible identification cards
  • Do not prop residence hall doors open
  • Always close windows and lock doors when leaving your room
  • Don’t tamper with emergency call boxes
  • Report strangers or suspicious activity immediately to camp supervisor, William and Mary Police or Conference Services
  • Direct those who have misplaced their access cards to Conference Services to obtain a new one
  • Report maintenance and safety concerns to Conference Services

William & Mary Police

The William & Mary Police Department is a State of Virginia certified police department that is responsible for providing the full range of law enforcement and other unique services to the College community. The police department is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Their  jurisdiction includes the property of the College as well as streets and sidewalks adjacent to the campus. The department consists of police  officers, security, community service officers,  dispatchers, and administrative staff. Police officers patrol the campus by foot, vehicle, and by bicycle.

  • Do not be alarmed if you see security personnel in your residence hall. Officers routinely  monitor all areas of campus to ensure safety and security
  • All residence halls are equipped with 24 hour card access to restrict unauthorized persons. Individuals with access to the residence halls willhave proper, visible identification
  • There are 65 emergency call boxes on campus that connect directly to William & Mary Police in case of an emergency. Every time a call comes through from an emergency phone, an officer is immediately dispatched to the location. This is why it is important that no one tamper or play with the emergency call boxes.