Room Setup & Inspections

Bunked Beds

Conference Services staff will unbunk a certain quantity of beds in various residence halls at the beginning of the summer for camps with youth.  Groups will be notified which rooms have unbunked beds so they can assign younger guests to these rooms.  Conference Services will try to accommodate requests to unbunk additional beds if needed, but this will depend on staff and housekeeping schedules.  Requests to unbunk additional beds should be made in writing by the Group Leader to Conference Services and will result in charges of $10 per bed to unbunk and $10 to rebunk, for a total of $20 per bed.

Only Conference Services staff is permitted to unbunk beds and penalties will apply if any of your group's staff or guests bunk/unbunk beds or move furniture.  No furniture may be taken out of the residence halls for use outside.

Room Inspections

Conference staff will check each room after check-out and any damages, including missing linens, will be billed to the group.  If the Group Leader wishes to join the conference staff for inspection of rooms prior to or following your reserved dates, prior arrangements must be made with Conference Services. The Group Leader will be expected to have a representative available during the day and time Conference Services schedules this inspection to occur.