Fire Safety

Coaches, group leaders, and/or supervisors are responsible for providing information to participants on fire evacuation procedures at the beginning of their stay. Please ensure participants, especially youth, are familiar with the evacuation route and where to meet once outside (i.e. the muster point as listed for each building or complex). Unless otherwise stated, the muster point for each building is 100 feet from the front of the building.

Keep your files up to date!

To assist with evacuations and other emergencies, it is extremely important for Conference Services to have accurate rooming lists. As such, camp staff must notify Conference Services of any rooming list changes (pdf) as they occur so that our records will be always be up to date.

Environment Health & Safety Office

If you notice any damaged safety equipment or have any further questions please contact:

  • Director, EH&S 221-2146
  • Safety Engineer 221-2288
  • Fire Safety Officer 221-1745

If a fire should occur ...
  • Pull the nearest alarm
  • Alert others and call 911 to report the fire
  • Immediately exit the building
  • Evacuation maps are posted in each building on every floor
  • Gather at the predetermined muster spot (make sure you are at least 100 feet from the building)
  • Youth supervisors/coaches will provide emergency crews with information about the reason for evacuation and people still in the building
  • DO NOT re-enter the building until told to do so by the police department, fire department, or Fire Safety Officer
  • When a fire alarm or sprinkler activates, the Campus Police are automatically notified. The Campus Police dispatch will call the Fire Department.