Set the Date

A university campus is a busy and exciting place. As such, there are better times of year to host events on campus than others.

Summer Season

During the summer months (following Commencement in May through August 1), we are able to have much more flexibility and availability for conferences, camps, and special events. Additionally, planned breaks (Fall Break, Spring Break) are typically good times to find availability on campus.

Academic School Year

During the academic year, meeting space and event facilities are at a premium and availability is much more limited. For this reason, our office is pleased to assist you in planning your event by partnering with a local hotel or other meeting space venue.

Some clients choose to have their entire conference off-campus but utilize our expertise in meeting management and registration services, others choose to combine off-campus meeting sites with on campus special event spaces to add variety and flair for their guests.

Be sure to ask us about what the possible options may be for your group depending upon the time of year you are planning to meet. Remember, it’s best to have at least three possible options of dates that would suit your needs just in case you have chosen a time that is in particularly high demand.