Online Teaching at William & Mary

Same W&M Experience – Different Delivery

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Online teaching at W&M offers the same, distinct W&M learning experience – just through a different delivery medium. The same quality instruction, the same personalized attention, and the same education is offered through online and hybrid courses. When you teach an online course at W&M, you can rest assured that you are providing the same quality education. Even though the delivery may be different, you will be offering the same W&M experience .

The Online Learning Team at William & Mary supports online learning development on two different levels. First, we assist at the school or program level. We help schools, departments, and centers to strategies, plan, organize, budget, design, develop, train, and evaluate their online or hybrid programs. At present, we directly support online course development and online courses offerings for the Arts & Sciences, provided instructional design and development for the Law School's first online certificate, and collaborate with the distance education leaders and initiatives in the School of Education and Mason School of Business.

Second, the Online Learning Team at William & Mary also assists faculty with designing, developing, and delivering high-quality online courses. By partnering with our online learning team and going through our online course development process, you will be equipped to offer the unique W&M Online Experience. You will be ready to engage students in online learning that will prepare them to make a difference in the world. 

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