Hybrid Instructional Training

Hybrid Instructional Training (HIT) 

Are you interested in leveraging online instructional strategies in your teaching? Do you want to explore the potential for more flexible pathways for student learning? Hybrid teaching and learning is an instructional method that leverages the benefits of online and in-person learning experiences.

Hybrid instructional methods can promote personalized learning beyond the classroom and increase active participation in class. APeL offers hybrid instructional training to interested faculty as a pathway for discovering the instructional design elements that promote cohesive delivery and meaningful learning experiences for students. The Hybrid Instructional Training (HIT) experience consists of 8 in-person sessions. This program is instructor-centric in that it guides instructors through the hybrid development process while promoting disciplinary uniqueness and preferred pedagogical approach.

  • Foundations for Hybrid Learning
  • Student Experience in Hybrid Learning
  • Instructor Experience in Hybrid Learning
  • Planning your Hybrid Instruction
  • Designing Your Hybrid Instruction
  • Producing Your Hybrid Instruction
  • Creating Hybrid Learning Experiences
  • Delivering Your Hybrid Instruction

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The Details

This seminar may be right for you if you:

  • want to learn how to enhance student engagement beyond the classroom
  • are interested in exploring the potential for personalized and flexible learning in large classes
  • are currently teaching with online resources and would like to learn how colleagues in other disciplines approach online learning?  

By leveraging both online and in-person experiences, hybrid instruction is increasingly used to promote personalized learning beyond the classroom to encourage more active participation during in-person instruction.   

In Spring 2018, APeL will launch a new program to support hybrid instruction. We guide instructors through a process that can be tailored to different disciplines and preferred teaching methods. Over eight weeks, participants will convert existing resources or create new hybrid instructional resources. By the end of the seminar, faculty will be prepared to implement hybrid instructional strategies and methods. 

HIT Format 

Up to 15 participants will meet for eight 1-hour sessions over the course of the semester. Meeting times will be tailored to available schedules. Participants are expected to attend all sessions. Upon completion, participants will be asked to share their resulting design or plan. 

Application Process

Applications for HIT will be accepted through November 18, 2017. Applicants should complete the form linked below. Accepted participants will be notified by November 29th, 2017.   

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