eLearning Contacts

There are lots of people on campus you can talk to about your eLearning questions. Use the directory below to find most of the eLearning contacts at the college. If you're not sure who to contact, feel free to reach out to the APeL team and we will point you in the right direction. Visit the APeL directory here.

Baltrip, Ryan
Director of Online Programming
Office: Morton Hall 113
Phone: 757-221-1102
Email: [[rbaltrip]]


Barger, Adam
eLearning Specialist and Program Manager
Office: Morton Hall 114
Phone: 757-221-1635
Email: [[apbarger]]


Blum, Mike
eLearning Specialist and Program Manager
Office: Morton Hall 119
Phone: 757-879-5463
Email: [[mxblum]]


Chung, Joshua
Instructional Design Specialist
Office: Morton Hall 119
Email: jschung@email.wm.edu
Phone: 757-221-3023


Conner, Karen
Associate Director of eLearning for Mason School of Business
Office: Miller Hall 2012
Phone: 757-221-2927
Email: Karen.Conner@mason.wm.edu


Davis, Troy
Director of Reeder Media Center, Swem Library
Phone: 757-279-8871
Email: [[troy]]
Website: {{http://guides.swem.wm.edu/media}}


Deconinck, Wouter
Assistant Professor of Physics / Small Hall Makerspace Contact
Office: Small Hall 343D
Phone: 757-221-3539
Email: [[wdeconinck]]
Webpage: {{http://wmpeople.wm.edu/site/page/wdeconinck/home}}


Drummond, John
Academic Engineering Manager/eLearning Manager for Information Technology
Office: Jones 224
Phone: 757-221-1597
Email: [[jgdrummond]]


Hawkes, Pam
Director of Visual Resources
Office: Andrews Hall 202
Phone: 757-221-2526
Email: [[prhawk]]


Henderson, Lesley
Assistant Dean of Students: Director of Student Accessibility Services
Email: [[ljhenderson]]


Hill, Nataki
Office Manager, APeL
Office: Morton Hall 116
Phone: 757-221-2171
Email: [[nahill01]]

Michele Jackson

Jackson, Michele
Associate Provost for University eLearning Initiatives
Office: Morton Hall 111
Phone: 757-221-2402
Email: [[mhjackson]]


Kott, Julia
eLearning Assistant
Office: Morton Hall 117
Email: jskott@email.wm.edu


Lawrence, April
Associate Director of eLearning for the School of Education
Office: School of Education 2071A
Phone: 757-221-1450
Email: [[adlawrence]]


Lucas, Amelia
Web Assistant
Office: Morton Hall 117
Email: arlucas@email.wm.edu

bobpolley copy.jpg

Polley, Bob
Instructional Technology Specialist for VIMS
Office: Watermen's Hall 221
Phone: 804-684-7078
Email: bob@vims.edu


Rouette, Matt
Senior Software Engineer for the School of Law
Office: School of Law 217B
Phone: 757-221-1596
Email: [[marouette]]


Showalter, Paul
Coordinator of Instruction & Assessment for Swem Library
Phone: 757-221-3071
Email: [[phshow]]


Suzadail, Pam
Director of Online MBA Program, Mason School of Business
Office: A. B. Miller Hall 3054
Phone: 757-221-2696
Email: pam.suzadail@mason.wm.edu

Kristy Walker

Walker, Kristy
Academic Applications/Blackboard Specialist
Office: Jones Hall 220
Phone: 757-221-1812
Email: [[kkwalker]]


Yañez, Pablo
eLearning Specialist and Program Manager
Office: Morton Hall 113
Phone: 757-221-2647
Email: [[pxyane]]