Who should I contact?
APeL for course development


Questions APeL can help with:
  • What are different ways eLearning can be used in classes?
  • How are other faculty members using eLearning?
  • What are some best practices for eLearning?
  • How can I or my students develop skills in using eLearning tools?
  • How do I develop eLearning assignments?
  • Do you have advice on campus policies and processes?
  • Can I get help in course design or redesign?
  • How do I create accessible educational materials?
  • Who can help with support and advice for online and hybrid teaching?

Information Technology (IT) for infrastructure


Questions IT can help with:
  • What tools and applications does the campus provide?
  • How can I access campus tools?
  • How do I use a tool?
  • What setups and support are there for computer labs?
  • Is there help when campus eLearning tools aren't working?
  • What are the policies on appropriate use of technology?
  • What if I have an idea relating to tech in classrooms or other campus spaces?

W&M Libraries for research and multimedia
Questions W&M Libraries can help with:
  • How can I help students use critical thinking skills to find and evaluate electronic resources?
  • How do I create and share digital editions of my own research?
  • How do I find "open educational resources" to reduce my students' textbook costs?
  • What if I have questions about data management?
  • Who can help me design multimedia assignments?
  • What if I have questions about media technology?
  • What are the college's copyright/fair use guidelines?

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Current Calls
Arts & Sciences is accepting proposals to develop a new online course during Fall 2018. 

All A&S full-time faculty are invited to submit a proposal to develop a fully online course over the fall semester of 2018. Courses selected will be taught as part of the 2019 Summer Academic Program. Proposals are due on Monday, January 22 by noon. (Note that later calls will be issued to develop a course during the spring semester of 2019, to revise an existing online course, and to repeat an existing online offering.). To apply for the Fall 2018 cohort, please complete the following form: Proposal Form to Develop a New Online Course During Fall 2018.