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Hybrid Class Highlight: Professor Stephen Sheehi

Standard FileFor Professor Stephen Sheehi’s upcoming hybrid course, building a relationship with students is crucial. This summer, Political Violence in the Middle East: From Colonialism to ISIS will feature four weeks of online classes followed by one week of in-person classes in Washington, D.C., during which Sheehi plans on culminating the instructor-student relationship built over the course of the prior four weeks.

“I build in components where I’m actually having very frequent touch-ins with the class,” said Sheehi. “It seems to be a real very real danger that you can have a class and not really connect with the students.”

These touch-ins will be an important part of the hybrid class as Sheehi maintains rapport with his students. As the course progresses into on-site learning, this relationship will help Sheehi smoothly transition from online to in-person.

Sheehi said that teaching the online portion has helped him learn to use the multitude of opportunities that the internet provides as more than just a crutch, and instead “use it as a vehicle by which you can really generate discussion and learning.”

“The hybrid model allows me to use the digital platform, but also take advantage of my full skill set of being a bricks-and-mortar educator,” said Sheehi.

For more information on the summer classes in Washington, D.C., visit the 2019 Online Classes site, or contact eLearning Initiatives at [[elearning]].