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Hybrid Class Highlight: Professor Ken Kambis

Standard FileLocation is key for Professor Ken Kambis in Public Health Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies, the hybrid course that he will be instructing in Washington DC this summer. After four weeks of online assignments, students will convene in Washington, D.C., for lectures and active learning activities. Kambis is taking the opportunity that the one-week, in-person portion of the D.C. Summer Session presents by inviting guest lecturers and organizing on-site trips for his students.

“We go to them—  they can’t come to us,” said Kambis. This is an important part of his course—  by having students visit locations such as the National Institutes of Health and the medicinal plant room of the U.S. Botanical Gardens, Kambis is making the most of the unique features of Washington, D.C.

During the in-person classes, guest lecturers will make the course material more present-moment; speakers from the U.S. Public Health Service and recent William & Mary alumni working in the health industry have spoken in the past. A networking gathering at the Washington Center offices will round out the course, allowing students to connect with the Public Health industry beyond the class’s assignments.

According to Kambis, the D.C. Summer Session holds valuable lessons that could be brought back to William & Mary campus—  in-person trips and guest lectures provide a valuable element to the class which could be replicated in Williamsburg. By combining these techniques with online methods already at the disposal of William & Mary professors, an instructor could take advantage of the lessons that Kambis has learned while teaching hybrid classes.

“The eLearning staff has been very, very good in providing guidance for faculty at William & Mary to develop hybrid courses that can be taught on this campus during the regular semesters,” said Kambis.

For more information on the summer classes in Washington, D.C., visit the 2019 Online Classes site, or contact eLearning Initiatives at [[elearning]].