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Hybrid Class Highlight: Professor Claire McKinney

Standard FileTeaching a class in Washington, D.C., presents unique opportunities—  this is especially true for Assistant Professor Claire McKinney’s hybrid class From Protest to Policy: Gender in Political Process. After one week of online coursework, students will have one week of classes in Washington that will feature guest lecturers, allowing the students to have in-person discussion before continuing the online course.

Last summer, McKinney was surprised by how the hybrid nature of the course she taught in Washington deepened her ability to produce discussion. As an instructor whose courses are often discussion-based, she wasn’t sure how the online portion of the class was going to play out, but the class held valuable lessons for both student and teacher.

“I’ve become more adept at Blackboard,” said McKinney. For her hybrid class, she is able to promote discussion and community on the site by splitting the students into groups and using supplementary materials like pictures and videos to jumpstart conversation. Then, in the second week, in-person discussion allows students to put names to faces in their small groups.

“There’s a relatively smooth transition that makes the hybrid aspect really worthwhile,” said McKinney.

 For more information on the summer classes in Washington, D.C., visit the 2019 Online Classes site, or contact eLearning Initiatives at [[elearning]].