Broadcast Outlets

Thank you for your interest in interviewing a William & Mary expert. At any point in the process, University Relations staff would be pleased to assist you with identifying the best expert for your interview and/or booking the studio time. Contact the studio manager, Suzanne Seurattan, at [[studio]], 757.221.1631 or 757.221.2630.

Once your interview is confirmed with William & Mary, contact the VideoLink Operations Center at 617.340.4300 to coordinate the shot.

For your guests, the studio is conveniently located adjacent to the college's main campus in the Discovery II office complex at 5308 Discovery Blvd.

Booking Experts

To find the best William & Mary expert for your interview visit our experts' database. Feel free to contact these experts directly, or for additional assistance you may also contact the Office of University Relations at 757.221.1631, 757.221.2630 or via email at [[studio]].

Booking Studio Time

The studio manager, Suzanne Seurattan, can assist you in setting up an interview for your broadcast.

Office: 757.221.1631

Email: [[studio]]

You may also contact the Office of University Relations to schedule studio time, 757.221.2360.


The William & Mary Broadcast Studio has a dedicated broadcast-quality interconnection to VideoLink Corp. in Boston, Mass.  Through VideoLink we can provide on-demand access to most of the world's major broadcast outlets.


Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.-6 p.m.; Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. EST. Other hours by appointment, contact the studio manager at [[studio]], 757.221.1631 or 757.221.2630.


The satellite time and fiber optic prices when using the William & Mary Broadcast Studio must be negotiated directly with VideoLink (617.340.4300).