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The project of listening to W&M

The President's Office has gathered and categorized more than 700 data points in support of the strategic listening initiative examining W&M's role in the Future of Knowledge, Future of Work and Future of Service.

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Smart home security devices may be vulnerable to smart hackers

Internet-connected computing objects collectively known as smart home products have become increasingly popular with consumers. The systems provide a bridge between the digital and physical worlds, which is convenient for automation, but risky for security, a team of W&M researchers has found.

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W&M professor honored for contributions to national estuary network

William Reay of William & Mary's Virginia Institute of Marine Science was honored with the highest award given by the National Estuarine Research Reserve System (NERRS) and its non-profit arm during their annual meeting in early November.

New course looks at long history of slavery

Jessica Stephens, visiting assistant professor of classical studies William & Mary, is teaching a new course on comparative slavery from ancient to modern times this semester.

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Using a CAREER award to turn over a new energy leaf

The energy generated by mimicking photosynthesis has the potential to one day power everything from our electric grid to rockets, says William McNamara, an associate professor of chemistry at William & Mary.

Book defends the value of face-to-face diplomacy

Marcus Holmes, associate professor of Government at William & Mary, has authored a new book, “Face to Face Diplomacy: Social Neuroscience and International Relations,” in which he credits social neuroscience for restoring face-to-face interaction as an effective diplomatic measure.

W&M recognized for workplace wellness

William & Mary’s recently established health & wellness program for faculty and staff has earned the university a state certification.