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The role of SMS in helping better inform voters

William & Mary Associate Professor of Government Paula Pickering was part of a team of scholars that sent budgetary information to more than 16,000 Ugandan voters in advance of the 2016 district elections to see if it impacted their vote. They sent 16,083 Ugandan voters 207,940 text messages in 11 languages immediately before the country’s 2016 district elections. The texts covered 762 villages dispersed among 27 districts. The information covered how incumbent politicians handled their budgets. Did they comply with laws? Or were there irregularities?

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Service project enlightens Kenyan, W&M students

Eleven W&M students just completed a five-week project in which they worked with Kenyan children ages 11 to 13 on health, hygiene and the value of prolonging their education.

Plastic pollution hits home for OspreyCam followers

Followers of the live OspreyCam video stream offered by William & Mary's Virginia Institute of Marine Science were subjected to a gut-wrenching display last week as one of this year’s two chicks became entangled in fishing line brought to the nest by a parent.

W&M citizen lawyers abroad

For the 17th consecutive summer, William & Mary law students have left the comfort of Williamsburg to work in challenging environments, contributing to post-conflict reconstruction efforts and the rule of law in countries struggling to recover from war, genocide and chaos.

With a name like Smucker's ...

In May 2016, Mark T. Smucker ’92 took the helm of The J.M. Smucker Company, based in Orrville, Ohio.