William & Mary

No global changes to the academic calendar

Provost Michael Halleran sent the following message to the campus community on Aug. 31, 2011 - Ed.

Dear Campus Community,

What a wild start to the year!  I hope that everyone has gotten through Irene successfully and that we can now get the semester off to a great start, with classes resuming today and Convocation rescheduled for this Friday.

I have consulted with the deans, President Reveley, Vice President Ambler and the university registrar about the best way to make up for the classes that were missed because of Irene.  On balance, with relatively little time lost and since we’re still very early in the semester, it seems best to make no global changes to the academic calendar.  (Possibilities included foregoing  fall break, adding some Saturday classes or moving classes into the reading period, each of which approach has its drawbacks, and might have been necessary if the storm had been more disruptive.)  Instead, individual faculty, working with their chairs, directors and deans, will make adjustments to courses as appropriate—within the standard calendar. 

Should faculty need to schedule an extra session for your class, please ask your department assistant to make the request directly with the university registrar’s office.  We ask that department assistants coordinate all requests rather than having individual faculty contact registrar’s office staff themselves.

As a reminder:  the course add/drop deadline has been extended to Wednesday, September 7th

Let me also take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the many who worked hard and at times during the night over the past few days to prepare our campus for the storm and, after it was over, to get us up and running again as quickly as we did.

Great to have everyone back on campus—and best wishes for the new year!