William & Mary

Announcement regarding Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Dear Colleagues:

As of June 30, 2011, Sue Peterson will complete her service as Dean of Undergraduate Studies, and she has announced her intention to return to the teaching faculty.  Sue served as Dean for Educational Policy for two years, 2005-07, and then, following the resignation of Ed Pratt, as Dean of Undergraduate Studies since 2007.  She will continue to serve as Wendy and Emery Reves Professor of Government and International Relations and as Co-Director of the Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations, a highly successful research institute which she helped to create.

While dean, Sue has been extraordinarily successful in taking on many important tasks for the College.  Among other responsibilities in her current position, she  has served as the College’s Chief Transfer Officer, negotiated articulation agreements with the Virginia Community College system, re-organized and hired new staff members for the Office of Academic Advising, helped implement the new Scheduled Semester Research Leave (SSRL) program, created a unified set of authorizations for adjuncts and SSRL replacements, served as liaison for Arts & Sciences to the Registrar’s office and Student Affairs, helped create the Arts & Sciences’ Office of Communications, and served as the contact dean for Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Geology, Government, International Relations, Kinesiology, Mathematics, Military Science, Public Policy, and Sociology.  She has also served as chair of the Committee on Degrees, liaison to the Committee on Academic Status, and liaison to the Reves Center and the Study Abroad Committee, and organized program reviews of Biology, Chemistry, Geology, and Global Studies. 

As Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Sue has dealt with countless student concerns, grade appeals, internship requests, and petitions.  Sue has been the point person in ensuring that every semester we offer the courses that students need to meet their General Education Requirements and requirements for their major. We continue to have the 2nd highest graduation rate among public universities because of our ability to offer a wide range of courses, use our teaching resources efficiently, and meet student needs.  More than anyone, Sue has ensured our success in this area, despite budget cuts, shifting student demands, and turnover among instructors.  By her commitment to excellence and service, Sue has helped continue a strong tradition of faculty leadership in Arts & Sciences and made the College a more successful community of scholars and teachers.

In consultation with the Faculty Affairs Committee, I will appoint a search committee of three faculty members representing all three areas of the Arts & Sciences faculty, one contact dean, and one administrative staff member. They will begin an internal search for Sue’s replacement very soon.  Gene Tracy, the incoming interim dean for Arts & Sciences, will also be involved in choosing the new Dean of Undergraduate Studies.
Please convey along with me your thanks to Sue for her dedication and leadership over the last six years. Sincerely yours,
Carl J. Strikwerda
Dean of Arts & Sciences
The College of William and Mary