William & Mary

Message regarding the Combined Virginia Campaign

Vice President for Administration Anna B. Martin sent the following message to the campus community on Oct. 5, 2010 - Ed.

Dear Colleagues and Friends:

Thanks to you, William and Mary has always been one of the leaders of the Combined Virginia Campaign (CVC). We are writing today to ask for your help once again.

This year William and Mary’s goal for the CVC is to enlist at least 375 members of the William and Mary community as donors. This is a feasible ambition—provided each of us takes the time and makes it a priority to participate. Every gift, from $5 to $5,000, can make a difference. No gift is too small. Given the extraordinary generosity of our community, we have every confidence this goal can be met. While we find ourselves in difficult and uncertain times, we hope that you will support the charity of your choice through the CVC campaign this year.

There is no easier way to be a force for positive change in our community and in the world than to contribute through CVC. When you give, you have the chance to make a difference for a cause you believe in—whether that means giving to the local Humane Society, supporting the work of UNICEF all over the globe, or contributing to more than 1,300 other local, national or international charities. You can specify where you would like to designate your gift—and when you do, every cent of it will benefit the group(s) of your choice.

To contribute, all you need to do is visit the William and Mary CVC web site at www.wm.edu/cvc to see a complete list of participating charities and follow the directions to make a gift by check or through payroll deduction. It’s that easy.  This year we have added the option of perpetual giving for payroll deduction contributions.  Please contact any of our committee members if you have questions about this option.  We are sorry that we can no longer accept credit card donations because of Federal regulations concerning credit card processing. 

Thank you in advance for your kindness and commitment. Your generosity means a great deal to those in need. 

Thank you,
Members of the CVC Committee

Chris Baron                                               Jim Heller                     Lillian Stevens
Tina Coleman                                           Linda Knight                Mike Stump
Carla Costello, Coordinator               Betta Labanish            Steve Tewksbury
Michael Fox                                              Elaine McBeth            Gene Tracy
Liz Gentry                                                  Rita Metcalfe               Glenda White
Cindy Gillman                                          Susan Mongold          Allison Wildridge