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Task Force on Race and Race Relations

William & Mary President Taylor Reveley sent the following message to the campus community May 8 - Ed.

Dear Campus Community,

I owe you a report on the progress of our Task Force on Race and Race Relations. In short, it is robustly alive and well, fully staffed, and hard at work.  It is focusing on the state of race relations on campus, improved means of educating our community about racial insensitivity and discrimination, better means of preventing both, more effective recruiting of a racially diverse faculty and senior administration, and effective ways for those who have experienced racial insensitivity or discrimination to make this known and seek remedies. Obviously, the Task Force has a complex mission that will entail serious research, sustained discussion among its members and with the campus community, and much thought.  While work is ongoing, I will be updated regularly. The Task Force will provide formal recommendations to me next academic year.   

Late last week, the Task Force launched its website so people on campus can stay abreast of its progress. The website includes my charge to the group, its membership and subcommittees, as well as meeting agendas and minutes. There is also a feedback loop so members of the community can send comments, suggestions and questions straight to the Task Force. Starting in the fall, it will host a town hall meeting and small group discussions. Chon Glover, who heads this effort, as well the other members of the Task Force, welcome all the good counsel they can get.

Taylor Reveley