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Safety note update

Dear students -

Here is the update I promised on the situation regarding the residence halls and the master facility keys.

William & Mary Police has completed its investigation and we are confident the missing keys are lost and not stolen. To that end, if any of you have come across a set of keys recently that doesn’t have a home we would appreciate you dropping them off at the William & Mary Police station or with your RA or other Residence Life staff member.

At the same time, Facilities Management will be working on re-keying the impacted spaces. For some of you, that will involve receiving a new key. Residence Life will be providing the details on the re-keying process. Again, just residence halls (minus, as I mentioned, One Tribe Place) are impacted.

With focus on your safety, we will continue to provide additional security personnel and patrols over the weekend.

Also, let me assure you that the university has numerous use and accountability protocols in place for the distribution of keys for its buildings. William & Mary Police, Facilities Management and Residence Life have a review of these protocols underway to be sure that every measure possible is being taken to ensure your safety and that of your belongings.

Again, should you see anything suspicious please contact William & Mary Police at (757) 221-4596.

Deb Cheesebro, Ph.D.
Chief of Police