Dress the Griffin

Pants problem solved.

Hip Hop Griffin

We all love William & Mary’s Griffin. But there’s just one problem. The Griffin has no pants.

Introducing Dress the Griffin for your mobile device. Download the app to your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android device. Problem solved.

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What's Included in the Dress the Griffin app? Download it! Then let the dressing begin as you make sure the Griffin represents the Tribe in full confidence, fully clothed. Pants are good but the app also includes shoes, shirts, headgear, accessories and things to hold in those talons...or paws.

  • Choose from over 100 pieces of clothing and accessories, from shower caps to cowboy chaps.
  • Coordinate outfits. Dress the Griffin as an extra in Saturday Night Fever or as a fierce Tribe football player.
  • Listen as select items trigger entertaining sound effects.
  • Interact with the Griffin by tapping, swiping and shaking up the wardrobe.
  • Photograph the Griffin in your favorite ensemble and save it to your device.
Hints for Dressing the Griffin
  • Swiping the screen with two fingers on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, or swiping vertically with one finger on Android devices, will ensure the Griffin is wearing a properly coordinated outfit. The Griffin particularly enjoys dressing in a tux and top hat for special occasions.
  • Swiping horizontally over an individual article of clothing scrolls through the choices - so swiping the hat will scroll through all the available hats.
  • To really go crazy, give your mobile device a vigorous shake. The Griffin will be adorned with random articles of clothing from the closet.
Support for the App

Dressing the Griffin is as easy as tying your shoes! But if you do need help, or discover a problem, please let us know - [[w|creative]].