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Ugly Stone

Chuck Bailey has looked at a lot of stone, but says this is some of the ugliest stone he has ever seen.

Darth Thumbnail
Darth Vader walks into a classroom...

Fortified by sulfur hexafluoride and helium, one physics professor recreates the famous “I am your father” scene to the edification of his entire PHYS 100 class.

It was a dark and stormy night in the laboratory

We’ve all heard the classic tale of Dr. Frankenstein and his makeshift monster, but few realize similar experimentation is taking place at William & Mary’s Virginia Institute of Marine Science (well, kind of).

Undergrad research goes global

Research opportunities for undergrads are plentiful at William & Mary, but that doesn’t mean that all great research must happen in Williamsburg. In fact, sometimes students chase their curiosity to laboratories halfway across the world.

Professor Elizabeth Harbron
Yes, Rave and Research Do Mix Well

Elizabeth Harbron has an automatic advantage over her colleagues in the chemistry department when it comes to recruiting students into their research labs: she works with chemicals that change color, light up and glow.

Spanish history
Hands-On Research of Hand-Written Experiences

When the Spanish archivist Peio Monteano produced a 13th-century ceremonial on the coronation of English kings, Kimberly Bassett knew that this was an opportunity few other researchers – let alone undergraduates – ever get.

Professor Margaret Saha in Her Biology Lab
Research, for Real

Real scientists wouldn't be caught dead with cookbook-style lab instructions ('Two tablespoons of baking soda plus two cups of vinegar equals foamy fun!').

Michael Johnson directs rehearsal of a scene from Tragedy!
Of the Bard and Barf Jokes

William & Mary students have never met a stage they didn't like. The very first theater in America was built in Williamsburg in 1716, and in 1736, a group of William & Mary students put on the first student play in the colonies.

King Kong
King Kong Eats College Town

There's more to Williamsburg's history than fifes and three-cornered hats. The William & Mary community celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Kimball Theatre (formerly the Williamsburg Theatre), an old-fashioned single-screen beauty right in the heart of Duke of Gloucester (DoG) Street.

A Field Researcher Holds a Spider
Winged Mercury

If you like to fish, you may or may not know that there are hundreds - no, thousands - of lakes and rivers in the U.S. holding fish that are too contaminated to eat safely.