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There’s a new spot on campus for business ideas to percolate

  • Startup Central
    Startup Central  Students, faculty, professional mentors and entrepreneurs are collaborating at the new Alan B. Miller Entrepreneurship Center at the Raymond A. Mason School of Business.  Photo by Stephen Salpukas
  • Entrepreneurship Center
    Entrepreneurship Center  The center features an open space for collaborating, whiteboard wall for brainstorming, traction gong, robots and more.  Photo by Stephen Salpukas
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William & Mary students are exploring business ideas, collaborating and making progress on their entrepreneurial endeavors in a new center designed to be a flexible and open space where business ideas can come to life.

The Alan B. Miller Entrepreneurship Center was created to be a hub, and it’s already starting to hum. Students, faculty and staff at William & Mary’s Raymond A. Mason School of Business have already started taking advantage of the space, including a student-run marketing and advertising agency aptly named Agency 1693. The agency provides students with paid work experience while serving the campus and local business communities.

Agency 1693, along with a slew of other student-run startups are making the most out of this unique campus resource. It’s open to all entrepreneurial thinkers, including non-business majors. The criterion for access is that you must be actively working on a project that can make use of the center’s resources.

You can huddle with your team in the open work area, hold a meeting in the glass conference room and use the whiteboard walls in the lounge for a brainstorming session. Two Double Robotics Telepresence Robots can be used to connect virtually with any of the center’s non-local mentors. When your business venture acquires its first customer or generates its first revenue, you can celebrate by giving the traction gong a whack. 

Agency 1693 has already had the opportunity to get their creative juices flowing on various assignments for the business school and the Entrepreneurship Center ranging from logos, signage and graphic design to videos and social media. Potential clients both on and off campus are negotiating for future work. The agency’s plan is to progress from internal work for the business school to broader work in support of departments across the university, then begin to take on work for area nonprofits and local businesses in need of marketing support.

Several other successful startups have come out of William & Mary, but they’ve mostly been underground. Where you used to have to track down other startup-minded individuals on your own, now it’s as simple as going to the right place at the right time.

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