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Phil the Pig

No Buts, Just Give!

Phil the Pig Hi! I’m Phil!
I only recently joined William & Mary’s Advancement team, but I’m eager to tell you all about PHILanthropy!

Let’s work together to help sustain William & Mary through private giving!  I know philanthropy is tough when you don’t have much to spend, but I’m here to show you that even a few pennies can go a long way!

I also want to thank all of our students who participated in Class Penny Wars! We had a wonderful turnout, and I'm pleased to annouce the
Class of 2015 as the victors of this year's Class Penny Wars!


Be sure to keep an eye out for me, Phil the Pig, in Spring 2014!

DAs Student Philanthropy Week

Development Ambassadors at the first-ever Student Philanthropy Week Celebration Dinner in February 2013.