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‘Wren Cam’ reveals mysterious activity at W&M

  • Squirrel Rave
    Squirrel Rave  William & Mary's new Wren Cam provides valuable insight into some unusual campus activity that took place early Saturday morning.  Photo by Wren Cam
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William & Mary is investigating some unusual campus activity that took place around 3 a.m. on Saturday. 

Questions were raised this morning when President Taylor Reveley stumbled upon two miniature glow sticks during his walk from the President’s House to the Brafferton.

An advocate for a clean and litter-free campus, Reveley notified campus officials who immediately turned their attention to footage from the newly installed Wren Cam. While the live feed was set up purely for entertainment purposes, it offered valuable insight into the case of the tiny glow sticks.

No suspicious activity was spotted during the day, but it was what the camera captured during the early morning hours that have officials scratching their heads. It appears as if hundreds of campus squirrels, led by the official W&M Squirrel, waited until Reveley and the students were fast asleep before gathering on the Wren Yard — glow sticks in paw — and holding what appears to have been a squirrel rave.

After reviewing W&M Squirrel’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, campus officials believe the overnight rave was the squirrels’ way of celebrating April Fools’ Day.