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Millington Hall ranked most romantic campus hotspot

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    Campus Hotspot  The moist cinderblock walls and cavernous seating of Millington Hall have vaulted the building to national fame.  William & Mary Staff
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The student-run National Association of Truly Unknown Romantic Escapes (NATURE) has announced its annual list of campus hotspots. For the first time ever, William & Mary sits atop the list.

Millington Hall, for many years home to the Biology and Psychology departments, was the runaway winner. The building's timeless – and some might suggest majestic – 1960s architecture has made it a favorite location for campus lovebirds, a NATURE spokesperson said.

"With its rainforest-like environment, its perpetually moist cinderblock walls, lack of windows and other light, and cavernous, theater-like seating, it has become an ideal location for romantic getaways," the spokesperson said.

The building's most charming space, Millington 150, was also recognized by NATURE. The large, state-of-the-art classroom has been named one of the nation's top romantic wedding locations.

"We're told it's almost impossible to find a space like that anywhere in the American higher-education system," the spokesperson said. "It really is a wedding planner's dream."