A Look Inside

The William & Mary community shares a love of learning, having fun and serving others — and we're not shy about it. Through the Life@W&M Instagram you'll experience the university through the eyes of a different person each week, catching a glimpse of the many opportunities and activities available on campus and beyond. Our volunteer team of bloggers are a diverse group of students, faculty, staff and alumni with a love of the university and a desire to tell the William & Mary story. Get to know them. 

  • members of E.S.S.E.N.C.E Women of Color at homecoming 2015

    Alex Yeumeni ’18, one of our {{http://wmblogs.wm.edu/author/ambassador/,Admission Ambassadors}}, blogged about the student organization she is most passionate about — E.S.S.E.N.C.E Women of Color. E.S.S.E.N.C.E. stands for Educating Strength and Sisterhood by Executing a Nurturing Community of Empowerment.

  • lifeatwm-taylor-brooks.jpg

    During her week hosting {{https://www.instagram.com/lifeatwm/,Life@W&M}}, Taylor Brooks '19 shared about her transition as a transfer student, the fun of sorority bid day, life as an Orientation Aid, the positive impact of studying abroad and her job at Extraordinary Cupcakes.

  • wmblogs-anee-nguyen-19.jpg

    Blogger {{https://wmblogs.wm.edu/author/htnguyen01/, Anee Nguyen '19}} shares her experiences as a student in the St Andrews and William & Mary Joint Degree Programme. Currently in Scotland, Anee studies English with a minor in history.

  • Geology departmental field trip

    The work of {{http://wmblogs.wm.edu/author/cmbail/,W&M blogger Chuck Bailey}}, geology professor (and alumnus), takes him and his students from the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia to the low deserts in southern Arizona and beyond.

  • Life@W&M host Alaina Shreves in Homecoming Parade

    While hosting {{https://www.instagram.com/lifeatwm/,Life@W&M}}, Alaina Shreves '18 gave us a glimpse into her life as captain of the Tribe Cheerleading team and chair of the Student Assembly Senate.

  • DC Summer Institute interns play softball

    {{http://wmblogs.wm.edu/author/dgmargiotta/,Dom Margiotta '16}} blogged about his experience serving as the AidData Fellow on the United States’ Senate Committee on Foreign Relations during his summer with W&M Washington Center's Leadership and Community Engagement Institute.

  • Life @ W&M's Meronne Teklu

    Meronne Teklu '17, a computer science major involved with Student Assembly, as the Secretary of Diversity Initiatives, an RA and member of the Nu Chi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha, showed the creative and diverse parts of her life at W&M while hosting {{https://www.instagram.com/lifeatwm/,Life@W&M}}, including work on a film project at the Reeder Media Center.

  • lifeatwm-miranda-haslam-17.jpg

    While hosting {{https://www.instagram.com/lifeatwm/,Life@W&M}}, Miranda Haslam '17 showed us throwbacks to studying abroad, class time and favorite spots in Williamsburg. This "bacterial art" is one of her favorite examples of science and creativity coming together as part of the liberal arts education.

  • Allie Rosenbluth at the John Lennon Wall in Prague

    {{http://wmblogs.wm.edu/author/atrosenbluth/,Allie Rosenbluth '15}} blogged about her life at W&M as a double major in government and environmental science and policy, and her involvement in Tribe Sailing, AMP and Alpha Phi Omega. After graduating, she spent the summer traveling and working on farms in Europe and Israel where she stumbled upon the W&M cypher at the John Lennon Wall in Prague!

  • Life @ W&M's Kate Connors

    While hosting {{https://www.instagram.com/lifeatwm/,Life@W&M}}, Kate Connors '17, a history and government double major, research assistant at AidData and recent president of Kappa Alpha Theta, showed us her semester studying aboard an oceanographic research vessel sailing in the South Pacific (that's her at the helm!).

  • Life @ W&M's Mariellynn Maurer

    Mariellynn Maurer, Director of Conference Services, gave us a behind the scenes look while hosting {{https://www.instagram.com/lifeatwm/,Life@W&M}} at all of the events that take place on campus during the summer, and how they come together.

  • Rachel Wimmer releases a sea turtle hatchling into the wild

    {{http://wmblogs.wm.edu/author/rhwimmer/,Rachel Wimmer '16}} is an EcoAmbassador blogging about sustainability research and initiatives taking place at W&M and VIMS. She studies biology and marine science at W&M, works in a VIMS research lab, volunteers in the local community and is involved with the W&M theatre department.

  • Victoria and Melanie, leading Relief and Reconstruction for Grace Children's Hospital, show tent camps in their catchment area

    {{http://wmblogs.wm.edu/author/mcporter/,Melody Porter}}, director of the Office of Community Engagement (OCE), blogs about the power of mutual service to transform lives and create social change, as well as her role as a leader on campus. During one of the many service trips organized by OCE, two student leaders shared a map of tent camps they would be serving.