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Peter Varga

Lead Graduate Consultant

Area of Study: Psychological Sciences

Peter Varga (MS '21) is a graduate student in the Psychological Sciences master's course at William & Mary.  He received his bachelor's degree in Psychology from The Catholic University of America, where he worked as a consultant in the University Writing Center and as Head Copyeditor and Citations Editor of Inventio: The Undergraduate Research Journal of Catholic University.  His past research has examined the cognitive-affective dimensions of writing center work as well as the intersections of prospective memory and social stress, science and aesthetics, and lunar psychophysics and virtual reality.  Peter's current research interests include conceptual integration and differentiation, the chills, and higher goods as indicators of self-transcendent well-being.  Building on his background as a classical musician, Peter will next be pursuing a DPhil in Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford, where he will be researching emotion and social relations in music.