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Appointment Guidelines

Our appointment guidelines allow us to serve the greatest number of students.


We make appointments available in two-week increments. Schedule appointments:

  • Only on the hour
  • Two per week
  • One per day
  • Cancel 60-minutes in advance without penalty

If you must cancel an appointment, please provide 60-minutes notice. Appointments cancelled within 60-minutes will be considered late cancelations. After two no-shows or two late cancelations, you will be blocked from making appointments at the WRC for the remainder of the semester. 

Consultants may take walk-ins whenever there is an open slot, or 15 minutes after a scheduled but missed appointment. If you have an appointment later in the day but walk in to take an earlier opening, you may either use or cancel the later appointment. 

Can't find an available appointment?

Add yourself to the waitlist. Log in to WCONLINE, select the "Waiting List" link under your preferred date, and fill out the form. When an appointment is canceled on that date, you will receive notification via email or text. You can then login to make the appointment.