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WMSURE Summer Grants

Summer scholarships are available to WMSURE students

WMSURE, in conjunction with the Charles Center, offers $4,000 grants to WMSURE students who plan to conduct summer research. Students must design and carry out seven full-time weeks of research under the supervision of a faculty advisor. Funds may be used for expenses related to research that include but are not limited to: salary, research expenses, and travel to conferences and other presentations. 

To be eligible, applicants must be continuing students (i.e., not graduating seniors) in good academic standing and participate in the WMSURE program. Recipients must agree to blog about their research on the Charles Center Summer Scholarship blog and present their work at the Charles Center's Fall or Spring Research Symposia.

Summer grants may be used on campus or elsewhere, in the United States or abroad, and when involving human subjects must obtain Student IRB approval in order to be eligible for funding. Students who conduct research projects at William and Mary and/or for community agencies located in Williamsburg will be eligible for free dormitory housing. 

Submit your application through the Charles Center Summer Research Funding application process. All parts of the application are due in the spring. 

To learn about funding opportunities for WMSURE, please contact us.