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Advisor of the Year 2022

"Dr. Armstrong was extremely helpful this year. He not only helped make sure that I was on track with my classes, but made sure to ask at every meeting if I had activities outside academics. Every meeting with Dr. Armstrong made me feel more sure that I was on the right path and even though I prepared a lot myself, hearing his input was so helpful and made me much less stressed."
Professor David Armstrong

This year's Monica Potkay Advisor of the Year Award goes to David Armstrong, Chancellor Professor of Physics. In addition to teaching and advising, Armstrong conducts research in experimental nuclear and particle physics and is an active participant in faculty governance. He earned his Ph.D. From the University of British Columbia.

Every Spring, we survey our students about their advising experiences, and Professor Armstrong consistently draws raves from his advisees. For example, one student said:

"It's a pleasure to have Professor Armstrong as my pre-major advisor. He is a good listener and could always give constructive advice. With his support, I gradually got clearer about what my college life should be like and what should I expect to fulfill. He also helped me to decide my major."

Another student commented:

"I would like to nominate Dr. Armstrong for advisor of the year because of his kind demeanor and his ability to make students feel at ease with their first college class selection. Dr. A lessened the pressure I had put on myself to declare a major immediately and instead recommended taking classes that genuinely interested me. I feel like any incoming freshman or transfer would be lucky to have him as their pre-major advisor as he only sets you up for success."

Professor Armstrong is a model undergraduate advisor, and we are proud to honor him with this award.

The Academic Advisor of the Year Award is sponsored by the Parents Fund.