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Meet the Executive Board

The Peer Advisor Executive Board is composed of an elite group of senior Peer Advisors who collaborate with the Office of Academic Advising to manage the Peer Advising Program. The board’s responsibilities include; leadership of all Peer Advisors, designing and facilitating Peer Advisor training, communication and marketing strategies; programs, recruitment and retention of Peer Advisors; teach College Studies course for Spring and Fall orientation; plan, organize and participate in special events, activities that promotes William & Mary and serves the W&M undergraduate community.

Jacinta Das

Jacinta Das '22

Position: Peer Advising Program Chair
Hometown:  Falls Church, VA
Majors: Data Science and Sociology   
Future Plans:  : I hope to find work as a data scientist which allows me to explore my interests in the social sciences. I would also like to travel the world.
HobbiesI am an avid cook and baker, and I always look forward to trying new recipes. I also love spending time in nature; I enjoy going for runs, walks and hikes
Fun Fact: My favorite store is Costco.
A word of wisdom: Explore! Take classes in different departments, join an organization unrelated to anything you did in high school, and find ways to branch out into the Williamsburg community (even if it’s just the occasional trip to New Quarter Park). 

Sam Rofman '23
Sam Rofman '23

Position: Training Chair
Hometown: Haymarket, VA
Majors: Data Science, Biology
Future Plans: I’m not entirely sure yet, but I hope to combine data science and biology in a research capacity.
Hobbies: I love anything outside- hiking, running, roller skating, hammocking, and walking around CW!
Fun Fact: I play the piano and the drums!
A word of wisdom: Take courses that look interesting to you (even if it’s something completely new!).

Victoria D'Alessio
Victoria D’Alessio '23 

Position: Retention, Recruitment and  Communications Chair
Farmington, CT
Major in Biology and a Minor in Chemistry
Future Plans:
After college, I am working towards medical school.
  I love to read and have been working on cooking more.
Fun Fact:
Flowers for Algernon is my favorite book.
A word of wisdom: On the first day of classes, try to turn to the people sitting next to you and start a conversation. Not only will this help you meet a lot of new people, this also helps create a network of students to reach out to if you ever miss a class, need help with homework, or to form a study group with.

Rachel Williamson '22
Rachel Williamson '22

Position: Chair of Administration
Houston, Texas
Psychology major, Data Science minor
Future Plans:
  I’m not quite sure yet, but I’m thinking about graduate school and then a career where I can mix psychology and data science
I enjoy reading, crafting, and baking! I’m currently working on a embroidery project where I embroider one little doodle every day for a year
Fun Fact: I have a twin brother who’s 9 inches taller than me
A word of wisdom:  Come in with an open mind! Take classes outside of your area of interest, join any clubs that interest you, and meet new people!