Meet the Executive Board

Peer Advisor Executive Board

The Peer Advisor Executive Board is composed of an elite group of senior Peer Advisors who collaborate with the Office of Academic Advising to manage the Peer Advising Program. The board’s responsibilities include; leadership of all Peer Advisors, designing and facilitating Peer Advisor training, communication and marketing strategies; programs, recruitment and retention of Peer Advisors; teach Tribe Studies course for Spring and Fall orientation; plan, organize and participate in special events, activities that promotes the College of William & Mary and serves the W&M undergraduate community.

Sarah Kyle

Sarah Kyle '19
Hometown: Beaverdam, VA
Major/Minor: English major, American Studies minor
Future Plans: Currently undetermined, though potentially pursuing a job either in the publishing/editing industry, a literary agency, or going into international mission work. I also want to be a Journeyman with the International Mission Board for 2 years after graduation.
HobbiesI love to read, watch movies, listen to music (and sing!), and just generally be with people!
Fun Fact:In high school, I was the drum major of the marching band and played the oboe and the flute. I am currently hand stitching a colonial style dress for myself (you should ask me about it, it is so fun!!), and I really enjoy twacking pomegranates with my wonderful roommates.

Caroline Horrigan

Caroline Horrigan '21
Vice President of Administration
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Major: Chemistry
Future Plans: After finishing my four years at W&M, I hope to go to Columbia for graduate school, and then find a job in New York City so that I can live there
Hobbies: In my spare time, I love baking (I even wrote my college essay about a Kitchen aid mixer), reading, and, most importantly, traveling.
Fun Fact: I have two different colored eyes!

Francesca Babetski

Francesca Babetski '20
Vice President of Training and Development
Hometown: Sterling, VA
Majors: Hispanic Studies and History
Future Plans: My goal is to go to law school and hopefully become an immigration lawyer.
Hobbies:  I have played the flute for eight years and the piccolo for four. I also enjoy listening to music, watching Netflix, and taking walks.
Fun Fact: I took figure skating lessons for six years, stopping when I was twelve. I cannot do most of my jumps and spins anymore, but I do enjoy skating recreationally whenever I get the chance.