Meet the Executive Board

Peer Advisor Executive Board

The Peer Advisor Executive Board is composed of an elite group of senior Peer Advisors who collaborate with the Office of Academic Advising to manage the Peer Advising Program. The board’s responsibilities include; leadership of all Peer Advisors, designing and facilitating Peer Advisor training, communication and marketing strategies; programs, recruitment and retention of Peer Advisors; teach Tribe Studies course for Spring and Fall orientation; plan, organize and participate in special events, activities that promotes the College of William & Mary and serves the W&M undergraduate community.
Chatham Wilkins

Chatham Wilking '18
Hometown: South Burlington, Vermont
Major/Minor: Economics and Finance/Management and Organizational Leadership concentration
Plans after W&M: Enjoy every last minute of my time left at W&M then pursue a career in corporate Finance. Hopefully I will go on to earn my MBA and become a CFO of a major corporation somewhere warm!
Hobbies:I love music and have played the flute/piccolo since 2nd grade. Additionally, to the annoyance of my friends, I always have a song stuck in my head!
Fun Fact: I have a favorite breed of cow-the Highland cow. If you’ve never seen one, google them. They are so cute!

Alyssa Tidmore

Alyssa Tidmore '18
 Vice President of Retention, Recruitment & Communications
Hometown: Erick, Oklahoma
Major/Minor: Biology major, Linguistics Minor
Plans after W&M: Attend graduate school for Genetic Counseling
Hobbies: I love to read and bake!
Fun Fact: I'm left handed, and I have three dogs!

Katie Van Der Hyde

Katie Van Der Hyde '18
 Vice President of Training
Hometown: Chatham, Virginia
Major/Minor: Finance and Economics/Consulting Concentration
Plans after W&M: My goal for the future is to find a job where I can marry my nerdy interest in the economy, money markets, and Excel with my passion for helping people accomplish their goals.
Hobbies: I enjoy eating Goldfish, binge watching Netflix (both alone and in a group setting), and going for long drives in my spare time.
Fun Fact: I have a pet fish named Ron (and he's awesome)

Sarah Kyle

Sarah Kyle '19
Vice President of Administration
Hometown: Beaverdam, VA
Major/Minor: English major, American Studies minor
Plans after W&M: Currently undetermined, though potentially pursuing a job either in the publishing/editing industry, a literary agency, or going into international mission work. I also want to be a Journeyman with the International Mission Board for 2 years after graduation.
HobbiesI love to read, watch movies, listen to music (and sing!), and just generally be with people!
Fun Fact:In high school, I was the drum major of the marching band and played the oboe and the flute. I am currently hand stitching a colonial style dress for myself (you should ask me about it, it is so fun!!), and I really enjoy twacking pomegranates with my wonderful roommates.