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Gail Williams

Academic Advisor

Email: [[gfwilliams]]


After retiring from the U.S. Army in 2012, I joined W&M's Office of Academic Advising 2014. My motivation is to successfully direct and counsel undergraduate students to become global learners and successful graduates.

For several years, I’ve directed the Peer Advising Program. This program effectively guides first-year students to strategize learning schedules with the assistance of students that have already walked their paths.

I enjoy being an advocate for students and watching them as they develop techniques to take ownership of their college experience and feel empowered to make choices that encourage personal growth and achievement.

Advising Philosophy

The college experience is one that molds the future. Each student is different, bringing to the university their strengths, weaknesses, interest, concerns and desires to make our world better. My duty is to help students achieve their full potential by identifing their values, goals and areas for growth.  Students come to me for reflective conversations, personal assessments, and authentic discussions about their challenges. 

Favorite thing about the job

I enjoy observing students as they grow to develop their abilities to think critically, solve complex problems, and boldly articulate facts and opinions that demonstrate that they are ready to begin exciting careers.

Something you wish all students knew

If you made it here, you’re a member of the Tribe and you belong here! Set your aspirations to finish the journey! The race is not given to the swift however, but to those who endure to the end, knowing they made a difference.

Interests and hobbies

I like traveling, cooking and spending time with family.