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Dane Pascoe

Academic Advising Research & Data Analyst

Email: [[dapascoe]]


My name is Dane, and I joined the Office of Academic Advising in January of 2018. I have a bachelor’s degree in religion, a master of divinity (M.Div.), and a Ph.D. in higher education (William & Mary, ‘19). I like to think those years prepared me for a career of being comfortable with complicated questions and searching texts for answers (course catalog!).

I’m a military brat and moved around roughly every three years growing up. While I went to middle school and high school in Hawaii, we also spent some time in Norfolk, Va, which is the closest thing I have to a hometown.

Advising Philosophy

Ecological theory, which acknowledges the interactions between people and their environments, has shaped my advising philosophy. In higher education, students interact with their campus environments and are often immensely shaped by them.

Academic questions are important, and something I am certainly happy to answer...but the best advising often has nothing to do with graduation requirements.

Favorite thing about the job

Because most academic advising occurs via faculty (pre-major and major advisors), students are free to come to see us in OAA, and we can talk about whatever they like. The autonomy we have allows every advising appointment to look different.

Something you wish all students knew

I wish all students knew how eager staff and faculty are to get to know them. If you think someone is interesting: go to their office hours, ask if they’d like to grab a coffee or walk around the sunken garden with you. These are people who have devoted their careers to seeing you grow—take advantage of that!

Interests and hobbies

Reading (anything, really), watching the Boston Celtics, and exploring the local area with my wife and four energetic kids!

I also appreciate local ice cream, donuts, and coffee.