High Impact Projects


HIPs are High Impact Projects, and courses that include them are something special. Any course, in any discipline, can include a high impact project.

The goal of a HIP is to pave the way toward the COLL 400. HIPs are shorter in duration, and have more faculty support and guidance. HIPs are part of a course, but they are not necessarily the entire point of the course. They mostly occur in mid-level courses taken by sophomores and juniors, so can serve as stepping stones between the basic research skills you learn in COLL 100 and 150 and the research expected of you in COLL 400. It's not required that you take a course with a HIP, but we hope that you do.

HIPs are projects where:

  • You have sustained, conversational interactions with faculty or staff about a project.
  • You have significant engagement with a project in an applied or academic setting.
  • Your engagement with the project requires critical analysis and synthesis.
  • The project results in new material or scholarship."New" may imply new to experts, new to you, or new to a general audience.
  • You communicate the new knowledge to an appropriate audience that may include, but must go beyond, the course instructor.

For example, as part of a music theory course, you might create a short composition that you perform for your class. That's a HIP. Or maybe your History class goes to the Swem Special Collections, where you find someone's personal journal you use as a primary source for a post on the course's blog. That's also a HIP. Look for the attribute "High Impact Projects" in the online course listings.