William & Mary

Overview, and Program Guide/Catalog Supplement

What courses will I have to take?

This page summarizes the general requirements (and restrictions) , but please review the Programme Guide and Catalog Supplement for complete information.

General Requirements

120 W&M credit hours (equivalent to 480 St Andrews credit hours) are required for graduation and a minimum GPA of 2.0 (10.5 St Andrews). William and Mary home students must complete at least 61 W&M credit hours in residence at W&M. Students are expected to complete the Joint Degree in four years of full-time study; only in exceptional circumstances (such as medical withdrawal) may the time to degree be extended.

Credit Hour Limitations in Applied Music, Military Science, Physical Activities, Statistics, and Theatre/Speech/Dance.

Joint Programme students may not apply credits from courses taken in Applied Music, Military Science, Physical Activities, and Theatre/Speech/Dance toward the Joint Degree, with the following exceptions from Theatre/Speech/Dance, which may be applied to the Joint Degree: Theatre 150/150W, 152W, 200, 328/328W, 329/329W, 331/331W, 332, 333, 340, 410/410W, 461/461W, and 481; Dance 220, 230, 333; and Speech 311 and 410. Joint Programme students may count only two introductory statistics courses from either institution toward the Joint Degree.

Exemption from degree requirements: Requests for exemption from any Joint Programme degree requirements must be presented to and approved by the student’s Program Advisor, and must be supported by documentation (for example, by a letter from a physician). Requests will go to the Committee on Degrees at William and Mary and must also be approved by the relevant administrators at St Andrews.

Course Specific Requirements

Joint Programme students are required to complete the College’s foreign language, writing, digital information, and major computing proficiencies and a first-year seminar (the writing and major computing proficiencies and the first-year seminar are built into the Joint Degree structure). All William and Mary home students will also take, in the Spring semester of their first year, a 1-credit course that will prepare them for their first year abroad. (This course is not required for St. Andrews home students, although they may take it if they wish). Joint Programme students will, in consultation with their program advisors, compile a “breadth portfolio” comprised of courses satisfying the six knowledge-, nine skills-, and three values-objectives that underlie the College’s existing General Education Requirements (GERs).

Knowledge objectives
  • An understanding of the world of nature;
  • An understanding of individual and social behavior;
  • A general historical knowledge of Western civilization;
  • An acquaintance with a non-Western cultural tradition;
  • A general knowledge of masterworks, genres and movements in art, music, and literature;
  • A general knowledge of major philosophical and religious systems.
Skills objectives
  • Critical thinking skills;
  • Verbal skills;
  • Quantitative skills;
  • Scientific skills;
  • Aesthetic skills;
  • Historical inquiry skills;
  • Language skills (i.e., proficiency in a foreign language);
  • Information acquisition skills;
  • Computer literacy skills.
Values objectives
  • Intellectual values;
  • Social and civic values;
  • Personal values.
The Major

Unlike William & Mary undergraduates, who are admitted in an “undeclared” status, Joint Degree students are admitted to one of the four programs Economics, English, History or International Relations. In Years 3 & 4, Joint Programme students must complete the equivalent of 45 W&M/180 StA credits in upper division courses (300-400 or 3000-4000) counting toward their major. This means that typically students must take at least 5 upper-division courses in courses counting toward their major at W&M.A Joint Programme student who wishes to change programs may petition to do so through the program advisor in the prospective department. Such changes are difficult, but when the student has taken the appropriate courses and space permits, the petition may be granted.Minors or double majors are not possible in the Joint Programme.