St Andrews William & Mary Joint Degree Programme

Collaborative International Scholarship

The Joint Degree Programme between William & Mary and the University of St Andrews is one of the few international undergraduate joint degrees offered with a U.S. university. Students complete two years at each institution (the first and second years must be completed at the two different universities) and earn a single diploma--a Bachelor of Arts (International Honours)--with the insignia of both institutions.

The Programme combines the breadth characteristic of William & Mary's liberal arts tradition with the depth of study for which St Andrews is famous--for example, the minimum number of credits that Joint Programme students must take in their majors is more than the maximum number allowed in the standard W&M programme. The Programme is ideally suited to accomplished students who are committed to their field of study but who appreciate the benefits of the range of knowledge that the liberal arts provide.

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Although this joint venture is relatively young, William & Mary--the second oldest institution of higher education in the U.S.-- and St Andrews--the oldest university in Scotland--have collaborated for twenty-five years on study abroad and student exchange programs. This international partnership brings unique opportunities for collaborative  scholarship for both students and faculty.

The Joint Degree offers students a rare opportunity for sustained study at two institutions, and so differs from most study abroad programs.  The College provides many other opportunities for international study and service; students interested in shorter-term opportunities can find more intormation via the "Related Links" to the right of this page. 

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