Interdisciplinary Symposium on Violence/Crisis

Joint Degree Programme, St Andrews and William & Mary

15-17 May, 2013

 “Violence/Crisis” is a symposium to be held in St Andrews, and is designed to bring together members of the faculties from St Andrews and William & Mary to discuss shared research interests. Presenters will provide 10-minute summaries of their papers followed by general discussion; papers are available from Colleen Kennedy, [[cjkenn]]. 


Wednesday, 15 May

10.30-12.00Violent Times: Disciplining Identity in Italy, SCHOOL V

Anita Angleone (Italian Studies, W&M), “Border Violence: Gypsy Identity and the Hard Borders of the Nation-State”

Derek Duncan (Italian, St Andrews), “Corviale: Rome and the Theatre of Postcolonial Violence”

Sergio Ferrarese (Italian Studies, W&M), “Whose Life? Whose Body? Sovereignty and the Early Modern Subject in Radicati’s Philosophical Dissertation Upon Death.”


12.00-14.00Welcome Reception and Buffet Lunch, UCO 31

14.00-15.30: Violence and Culture, SCHOOL V

Melissa Boyd (Spanish, St Andrews), “Violence and the Threat of Violence as a Constitutional Tool in 19th Century Mexico"

Bruce Campbell (History and German Studies, W&M), “The Gleichschaltung of the Radio Hobby in 1933: The End of Civil Society”

Maryse Fauvel (French and Francophone Studies, W&M), “The Silence of Museums as Violence to the Exhibited Cultures: The Museum of Quai Branly and the Museum of Immigration in Paris”


15.30-17.00Reception for academic staff in Modern Languages UCO 31


Thursday, 16 May


10.30-12.00: Violence and Human Rights, SCHOOL V

Hazel Cameron (IR, St Andrews), “British Response to Matabeleland Massacres, 1982-84”

Betsy Konefal, (History, W&M), “State Violence and Human Rights in Guatemala”

Ian Taylor (IR, St Andrews), “Hegemony and Peace: African State and Political Violence”


12.00-13.30: Lunch for academic staff in History and IR, UCO 31


14.00-15.30: Responding to Economic Crisis, SCHOOL V

Will Hausman (Economics, W&M), “The California Electricity Crisis of 2000”  

Geethanjali Selvaretnam (Economics&Finance, St Andrews), Kannika Thampanishvong (Thailand Development Research Institute), and David Ulph (Economics&Finance, St Andrews):  “Saving and Rebuilding Lives”

Sarah Stafford (Economics, W&M), “The Role of Crises in Spurring Environmental Regulation”


15.30-17.00: Reception for academic staff in Economics and Finance, UCO 31

Friday, 17 May

10.00-11.00Crises in Reading and Criticism, SCHOOL V

Andy Murphy (English, St Andrews), “Crisis of Reading and the Irish Literary Renaissance”

Kim Wheatley (English, W&M), “Vituperative Criticism: Romantic-Era Reviewing”


11.00-12.00Violence and Spectacle, SCHOOL V


Rich Lowry (English, W&M), “Dead Bodies and a Standing President: Alexander Gardner’s ‘Terrible Reality’ of the US Civil War”

John (Rio) Riofrio (Hispanic Studies, W&M), “The Dirty Politics of Representation: Dehumanizing Discourse, Latinidad, and the Struggle for Self-ascribed  Ethnic Identity”


12.00-13.30: Lunch for academic staff in English, UCO 31


14.00-15.30:  “Post” Literature(s), SCHOOL V


Christy Burns (English, W&M), “Violence and Risk in DeLillo’s ‘Falling Man’ and Ondaatje’s ‘Divisadero’”

Sarah Dillon (English, St Andrews), “Post-humanism? Science and Literature”

Teresa Longo (Hispanic Studies, W&M), “Humanity Rendered Visible:  Literature, Art and the Post-9/11 Imagination”


15.30-17.00:  Research and/in the Liberal Arts, SCHOOL V

Joel Schwartz (Dean for Honors and Interdisciplinary Studies, W&M), “The Place for Research in a Liberal Arts Education”

17.00:  Reception, TBA