Our Curriculum

It used to be that students sat in classrooms listening to professors explain the course material. Not so anymore. More often, faculty members engage you as an active partner in the learning process, providing a context for you to acquire and apply new knowledge. Don’t be surprised if your classes include some podcasts or international video conferencing along the way.

Students in the Class of 2019 or later will complete the College Curriculum. Students in the Class of 2018 or sooner will complete the GER Curriculum. The overall goal of both curricula is the same: to provide you with a superb liberal arts education and the breadth of knowledge that characterizes an educated person.

Students usually find themselves gravitating toward a specific academic area by the end of the sophomore year. Once you declare your major (or double major, or additional minor) the curriculum will guide you toward in-depth specialization in that body of knowledge and skills. You can propose an independent study to look more closely at a specific topic within your major. Or propose a set of classes to create an interdisciplinary major you design yourself.

Most classes take place during the fall and spring academic sessions on the main campus. Some students like the compressed schedule of our two summer sessions offered in Williamsburg and Washington, D.C.; some gain an international perspective through study abroad or other programs coordinated through the Reves Center.

Increasingly, our classes fold in opportunities for undergraduate research (Charles Center) and community scholarship and engagement (Sharpe Programs). Through their own research, our faculty will join you in bringing hands-on, real-world results back to the classroom. The most current knowledge, grounded and shaped by the academic disciplines – it makes for an invigorating classroom experience.

  • To see a current list of classes, you can visit the Registrar’s Office website and enter an academic semester, then search by what interests you.
  • Academic Advising staff and resources can help you plan and adjust your selection of courses as you refine your academic goals.