Freshman Seminars

With our freshman seminar program, all first-year students engage in critical thinking and independent learning – the first step toward becoming creative, engaged scholars. Freshman seminars emphasize the reading of texts and student expression (e.g., writing, painting, theatrical performance) with about half the weekly class time spent in discussion. Class size is limited to 15 students, so you’ll have a small group learning experience that allows close interaction with your professor and the other students.

About 100 freshman seminars are offered each year, across the full range of Arts & Sciences. Most introduce research methods and strategies and require significant research projects. As you continue your studies, you’ll have many opportunities to work closely with faculty on original research projects – freshman seminars help set the stage for that higher level of creative and rigorous thinking, writing, and research.

  • To see a current list of freshman seminars, you can visit the Registrar’s Office website and enter an academic semester, then scroll down to Session: Attribute Type and select Freshman Seminar
  • The A&S Educational Policy Committee defines and elaborates the criteria for freshman seminars.

Note that students who enroll in freshman seminars affiliated with the Sharpe Programs can apply classroom learning to community research projects in the Williamsburg area.