Peer Advising Program


Jessie Du, Grace Carroll, Audrey Savage, Monica Cronin, Priya Brito
2015 Peer Advising Program Executive Board

About the Peer Advising Program

The Peer Advising Program is a student group that assists admitted freshman and transfer students in their academic transition to William & Mary. All new students are connected with upper-level students who serve as Peer Advisors. The Peer Advisors operate with the Office of Academic Advising to support the advising process for new students and also:

  • Provide leadership and foster a network of peer support.
  • Serve as role models and provide information on curricular and co-curricular opportunities at W&M.
  • Inform new students on policy and procedures as well as campus resources.
  • Teach the registration process to new students in preparation for scheduling classes.
  • Support the Office of Academic Advising staff and faculty advisors.
Do you have what it takes to become a Peer Advisor? APPLY TODAY!

We are looking for students who want to serve in a leadership position on the Dean's advising team!

Peer Advisors are student leaders who operate within the Office of Academic Advising and serve the college by providing academic information and support to admitted freshman and transfer students in their academic transition to William & Mary. These student leaders are academic role models.

Responsibilities of Peer Advisors:

  • To serve as role models who can provide information about curricular and co-curricular opportunities at W&M;
  • To inform new students about policies and procedures;
  • To teach new students how to schedule classes and how to register;
  • To help new students prepare for meetings with their faculty advisors;
  • To support the Office of Academic Advising staff and faculty advisors;
  • To provide individual peer support as needed.

Key qualifications:

  • Excellent communications skills;
  • Ability to work effectively with diverse student, faculty, and staff populations;
  • Capacity for discretion, diplomacy, and confidentiality;   
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities and maturity; we are looking for rising sophomores, juniors and seniors; 
  • Extensive knowledge of W&M, including academic support systems, and how to navigate academic departments;
  • Successfully passing a review of the applicants’ judicial and/or honor records provided by the Dean of Students Office;


  • Develop excellent leadership skills;
  • Gain transferable skills;
  • Enhance problem solving and critical thinking skills;
  • Learn how to facilitate and mentor groups of first-year and transfer students;
  • Strengthen personal communication and public speaking skills;
  • Participate in an Internship with the Office of Academic Advising through the Cohen Career Center;
  • Advise new incoming students on W&M new COLL curriculum;
  • Participate and lead multiple teambuilding experiences;
  • Work with faculty advisors and leaders on campus;
  • Gain a better understanding of W&M, its organizational structure, and resources;
  • Network with various W&M faculty, staff and administrators;
  • Early move-in process for on-campus PAs;
  • Receive a one-of-a-kind Orientation t-shirt.

Join the Peer Advising Program by completing an application and participating in training events that will prepare you for this important role on campus!

Returning Peer Advisors are exempt from the interview process!
Important Dates for Peer Advisors:
Times and dates are subject to changed

Web Application Open

December, 10 2014

Deadline for Application

February, 20 2015


February 2015

Position Offers Extended

Mid-March, 2015

Spring Peer Advisor/Leadership Workshop sessions

April 1-3, 2015

Online Review and Prep for Teaching & Advising

June 15-30, 2015

Peer Advisor Teaches & Advises in Tribe Studies

July, 1-5 August

Peer Advisor Early Check-In to Residence Hall

August, 20 2015

Fall Semester and Orientation Prep Meetings

August, 21 2015

Peer Advising during Orientation

August, 22-25 2015

Opportunities to Advise with the Dean's Team

August, 2015-January2016

For additional information on the Peer Advising Program and becoming a Peer Advisor please contact Gail Williams, Peer Advisor Program Coordinator at: