William & Mary

Kelsey Newell '12, Psychology major, Anthropology minor

Kelsey Newell '12To say that I was confused as a freshman would be an understatement. Banner, the registration process, and the wide variety of classes to choose from were bewildering to me, and I had no clue where to start. Meeting with my faculty advisor in those first few days on campus was a moment of clarity in the whirlwind of orientation, and the advice I received was invaluable. To this day I am thankful for the direction and encouragement I received in that initial meeting.

The purpose of a faculty advisor is not to simply recommend appropriate classes and ensure that all requirements are met; it is much more than that. The faculty advisors I have consulted over the past four years have challenged me to consider what I hope to get out of my academic experience at William & Mary, and have given me the tools to achieve those goals.

Now, as a senior (inevitably a time when career choice seems to weigh much more heavily on the mind than course selection), my faculty advisor continues to be invested in my choices for the future. It is with an exciting, well-thought-out plan and unending support and encouragement from my advisor that I prepare to graduate in the spring.