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Faculty and Staff


Allar, Matthew
Associate Professor of Theatre/Scenographer
Office: Boswell 126
Email: [[mjallar]]
Phone: 757-221-2694
Website: {{}}

Bauer, Bodde
Adjunct Instructor of Speech
Office: Boswell 126
Email: [[babaue]]


DiPette, Jessi
Promotions and Box Office Manager
Office: Kimball 202G
Email: [[jdipette]]
Phone: 757-221-2666

Dixon, Sarah W.
Adjunct Instructor of Theatre
Office: Boswell 125
Email: [[swdixo]]

Fink, Vicki
Adjunct Instructor of Dance
Office: Adair Hall 404
Phone: 757-221-2598
Email: [[vfink]]

Fuchs, Eric
Visiting Instructor of Speech and Debate Team Coach
Office: Boswell 29
Email: [[ewfuchs]]
Phone: 757-221-2499


Gavaler, Joan
Professor of Dance and Director of Dance Production
Email: [[jsgava]]
Office: Adair Hall 401
Phone: (757) 221-2785
Webpage: {{}}


Glenn, Leah
Frances L. And Edwin L. Cummings Professor of Dance and Africana Studies, Director of Dance Publicity and Visibility
Office: Adair Hall 404
Email: [[lfglen]]
Phone: 757-221-2782
Website: {{}}


Green, Omiyẹmi (Artisia)
Associate Professor of Theatre and Africana Studies and Program Director of Africana Studies
Office: Boswell 122
Email: [[avgreen]]
Phone: 757-221-2616
Website: {{}}


Holliday, Steve
Professor of Theatre
Office: Kimball Theatre 202H
Email: [[seholl]]
Phone: 757-221-2664

Tamara Johnson

Johnson, Tamara
Adjunct Instructor of Theatre
Office: Boswell 124
Email: [[tajohnson]]
Phone: 757-221-2683


Lerman, Mark
Lecturer of Theatre
Office: Boswell 28
Office Hours: Thursdays 11:45am-12:45pm
Email: [[mjlerman]]

McNorton, Phaedra
Lecturer in Musical Theatre and Musical Theatre Director
Office: Ewell 266
Email: [[pmcnorton]]

Owens headshot

Owens, Christopher
Director of Productions and Associate Professor of Theatre
Office: Boswell 124
Email: [[clowen]]
Phone: 757-221-2683
On Leave: 2018-19

Claire Pamment

Pamment, Dr. Claire
Assistant Professor of World Theatre
Office: Boswell 129
Email: [[clpamment]]
Phone: 757-221-2670

Brian Saxton

Saxton, Brian
Technical Director
Office: PBK 132
Email: [[btsaxton]]
Phone: 757-221-2636


Saxton, Frances
Adjunct Lecturer in Theatre
Office: Boswell 125
Email: [[fisaxton]]

Souza, Dawn
Adjunct Instructor of Theatre
Office: Boswell 125
Email: [[dmsouza]]


Tanglao Aguas, Francis
Professor of Theatre and Asian & Pacific Islander American Studies
Office: Boswell 123
Phone: 757-221-2684

Tolj, Larry
Dance Accompanist
Office: Adair 404
Email: [[lxtolj]]
Phone: 757-221-2598


Wade, Denise Damon
Director of Dance Budget and Scheduling and Professor of Dance
Office: Adair Hall 401
Email: [[dydamo]]
Phone: 757-221-2786


Wesp, Patricia M.
Professor of Theatre
Office: Galt 102
Email: [[pmwesp]]
Phone: 757-221-2668
On Leave: Fall 2018


Wiley, Elizabeth
Professor of Theatre
Office: Boswell 130
Email: [[eawile]]
Phone: 757-221-2651
Website: {{}}


Wolf, Laurie J.
Department Chair and Professor of Theatre
Office: Boswell 127
Email: [[ljwolf]]
Phone: 757-221-2671