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Sefika Kumral

Assistant Professor

Office: Morton Hall 233
Phone: 757-221-1452
Email: [[]]
Research Areas: Global Sociology; Comparative-Historical Sociology; Political Sociology; Ethnicity; Violence, Development; Social Movements

Areas of Specialization

Ethnic Relations and Conflict; Social Movements; Democratization; Global Populism; Extreme Right and Fascism; Global Income Inequality



B.A., Sociology; International Relations (Koc University)
M.A., Sociology, Johns Hopkins University
Ph.D., Sociology, Johns Hopkins University


Sefika Kumral’s research interests lie in the fields of political, comparative-historical, and development sociology with a focus on ethnic relations and conflict, extreme right and fascism, social movements, democratization, and global inequality. She is particularly interested in the recent rise of extreme right movements and ethnic/communal violence in the world. Her current research focuses on the rising tide of political violence and authoritarian populism in Turkey by concentrating on the causes and consequences of anti-Kurdish communal violence that erupted in the last two decades. In addition, her research extends to global analyses of social protest and income inequality. She is the co-coordinator of a research project which constructs a new dataset of global social protest from 1791 to today using historical newspaper archives to compare sources and composition of global waves of social unrest in world history. She has published articles and book chapters on the relationship between geopolitics and extreme right/fascism; transformation of global income inequality; and dynamics of global social unrest.