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Sharpe Faculty

The following faculty teach in the Sharpe Program and collaborate with participatory research in the Sharpe Community Mapping Project.

Monica Griffin
Director of Engaged Scholarship and the Sharpe Community Scholars Program
COLL350:  Health Inequality Across the Americas
Co-Investigator, W&M Sharpe Community Mapping Project

Caroline Hanley (AY20-22)
Associate Professor, Sociology
Sharpe Professor of Civic Renewal
COLL100:  Economic Insecurity
COLL350:  Economic Justice, the Virginia Eviction Crisis

Leisa Meyer (AY16-AY21)
Professor of History; Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies
Director, American Studies
COLL150:  Intro. to LGBTIQ Studies

Iyabo Obasanjo (AY20-22)
Assistant Professor, Kinesiology
W&M Community Studies Faculty Fellow
COLL150:  Community Health and Research

Anne Rasmussen (AY22)
Professor of Music/Ethnomusicology
COLL150:  American Soundscapes

Sal Saporito (AY22)
Professor, Sociology
COLL150:  Spatial Inequalities

Dennis Taylor (AY03-AY22)
Professor Emeritus, Environmental Science and Policy; Interdisciplinary Studies
COLL150:  Living with the Environment

Shannon White (AY20-AY21)
Certificate Coordinator, Geospatial Analysis
Co-Investigator, W&M Sharpe Community Mapping Project