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Continuing Support

The Noyce Scholars Program is committed to supporting our scholars both during the program and afterward as alumni out in the field. 

Emergency Assistance

The NSF allows us to provide supplemental funding to current scholars based on exceptional circumstancesFor example, if an individual is going to be forced to quit our program in order to take a job in an emergency, for unexpected childcare expenses, and after a theft.  We also consider W&M documented financial need. If you are in need of emergency assistance, please apply here.

Support for Coursework in ESL & Special Education

The Noyce Scholars Program offers tuition support for current scholars for courses in special education and teaching English language learners. The W&M School of Education offers a dual endorsement in ESL for students pursuing other W&M master’s programs in teaching. Additional courses or electives in special education and collaborative instruction are recommended. If you have registered for an ESL or Special Education course, please apply for tuition support here.


Support for Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and Anti-racist Teaching Practices

To further our commitment to racial equity and justice, the W&M Noyce Scholars Program is supporting continued education for Cooperating Teachers and alumni on topics of culturally relevant pedagogy and anti-racist teaching practices. Those who choose to participate in four one-hour opportunities for learning in culturally-relevant pedagogy and anti-racist teaching practices, and submit a short reflection within a week of each in response to prompts, will be granted a $250 stipend.  

The purpose of this incentive is to facilitate further learning for CTs and alumni, allowing them to engage in questions such as,

  • KNOWLEDGE: What are the one or two of the most valuable insights you gained?  What questions did the session raise in your mind? What was most surprising to you? 
  • ACTION: How will you apply something from the session in your work?  What is one specific behavior or action you will enact?  

Examples of approved PD & Reflection