Noyce Scholar Application Information

The application process and deadlines differ for undergraduate and graduate students. Visit the W&M School of Education website for more information about applying for a Noyce Scholarship and admission to the School of Education.

For Graduate Noyce Scholarship applicants:

  • Admission to the School of Education
    • Graduate applicants apply for the Noyce Scholarship as part of their School of Education application (due in mid-January)
    • Graduate Admissions Application [pdf]
  • Admission to the W&M Noyce Scholars program - Noyce Application [pdf]
  • Cumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.5 or higher

For Undergraduate Noyce Scholarship applicants:

  • Admission to the W&M Noyce Scholars program - Noyce Application [pdf]. 
  • Cumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Three letters of recommendation from persons qualified to evaluate the applicant's personal, ethical, and academic or professional qualifications for this program  and the applicant's ability and desire to teach in high need school districts. It is suggested that the applicant present a combination of professional, academic, and personal references. The written references will be used exclusively for purposes of admission to the Noyce program.
  • A personal essay describing your (the applicant's):
    1. Career aspirations
    2. Why you seek to teach in a high need school
    3. Strengths and experiences you bring to teaching in a high need school
    4. Why you decided to apply to the Noyce program
    5. Your past experiences, both academic and volunteer or work-related, that are relevant to becoming a mathematics or science teacher as well as the professionalism and perspectives that you will bring to the program should be included
    6. Additional information concerning such areas as leadership potential, collaborative skills, and propensity to engage in reflective practice
  • Eventual admissions to and enrollment in the William & Mary School of Education. For undergraduates, the time of application to the SOE will depend on whether they are pursuing a teaching license as part of their undergraduate degree, pursuing a 5th year Master's degree, or pursuing a standard Master's degree. Visit the SOE admissions webpage for details.

Noyce Scholarship Applicants are considered on a rolling basis, but for priority consideration, please submit your signed Noyce application to by January 31 for funding to begin fall of that same year.  

Learn more: School of Education Admissions

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