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Faculty Changes

On Leave Fall 2009 / Spring 2010

Julie Galambush
David L. Holmes
Tamara Sonn

On Leave Fall 2009

Ravi Gupta

Visiting Professors, 2009-2010

Jacob Goodson: Ph.D. candidate, University of Virginia;  teaching Religion and Ethics (F'09, S'10), Medicine and Ethics (F'09),  Warfare and Ethics (S'10), and a Freshman Seminar (S'10).

Donald Polaski: Ph.D. and M.Div., Duke University; teaching History and Religion of Ancient Israel (F'09, S'10), Torah (F'09), and Hebrew Prophets  (S'10).

Chrystie Flournoy Swiney ‘02:  Ph.D. candidate, Georgetown University; JD. Harvard Law School; teaching Introduction to Islam (F'09, S'10), Islam in the Modern World (F'09), and Women in Islam (S'09).

Daniel Washburn: Ph.D. Stanford University; teaching Introduction to the History of Christianity (F'09, S'10), Medieval Religion and Society (F'09), Topics: Evolution of Christian Doctrines (S'10), and a Freshman Seminar (S'10).