Application Requirements

The application process will begin on March 11, 2020. To be considered for this Public Policy/Schroeder Center Fellowship Program, students should submit the following materials by the application deadline of April 30, 2020 to Kelly Metcalf-Meese ( and via Tribe Careers (log onto your Tribe Careers account and search for the FUSE postings through the Jobs tab):

1.  Statement of interest (no more than 800 words total) addressing the following points:

  • What is the connection between this internship and your career goals? How do you hope to benefit from the internship?
  • What policy area is the focus of your internship?  Why does this interest you?
  • Would funding help you afford an internship? If relevant, outline any costs you anticipate incurring as a result of the internship (see budget requirement below).
  • List any other sources of funding that you have applied for and/or received whether from either W&M or external sources. Please note the amount of the funding and when you anticipate hearing about whether you will receive it.  The Public Policy/Schroeder Center Fellowship award can be held concurrently with any other awards, although these other awards/sources should be mentioned in your statement of interest.  Please be aware that if you are applying for funding for an international internship that you should first request funding for travel through the Reves Center.

2.  Up-to-date resume

3.  Unofficial W&M transcript demonstrating commitment to the field of public policy

4. Internship posting or position description

5. Budget (demonstrating the use of Internship funds). Please utilize this worksheet. 
6. Completed W-9 form (or W-8BEN form for international students)

7. Proof of the internship opportunity, i.e. offer letter or email, written in English, which outlines employer’s contact information, confirms that the internship has been offered and accepted, lists the start and end dates for the internship, the total number of weeks to be worked, and that it is unpaid or low-paid. The employer also must complete this verification form regarding the Fair Labor and Standards Act.