Health Policy Research Workshops

The Schroeder Center for Health Policy is hosting a series of three health policy research workshops for undergraduate and graduate students throughout the spring of 2019. The first two workshops introduce students to different publicly available datasets that can be used in their own health policy research projects, such as econometrics papers, independent studies, and possibly Honors research. In these workshops, students will learn where to access the data, how the dataset is structured, and what types of research 

can be conducted with the data. Students will have the opportunity to work with the data in the session. The final workshop focuses on how students can disseminate their research through either publication in peer-reviewed journals or presentation at conferences around the country.   Workshops will take place on Wednesday nights from 6-7 p.m. in Tyler 219 with dinner provided. Space is limited, so be sure to register using the links for each workshop below!

Working with Census Data on Health Insurance

January 30, 2019
6-7 p.m. (Tyler 219)
To view the PowerPoint slide presentation, please click here.

Come learn about how to extract health insurance data for your own research from the American Community Survey and how you use it to answer questions about health insurance coverage in the U.S.! 

Working with CMS Data on Healthcare Expenditures

February 20, 2019
6-7 p.m. (Tyler 219)

Interested in doing research on how much is spent on healthcare? This workshop introduces you to the Medicare Geographic Variation Public Use File and shows you ways it can be used to explore policy questions related to healthcare costs! 

Disseminating Research in Journals and at Conferences

April 10, 2019
6-7 p.m. (Tyler 219)

What happens after you analyze the data and write your final paper? Come to our final workshop where you can learn how to publish your research or present it at local or national conferences!